June 2nd 2023

Hello everyone!

Since first watching Lucky Star in 2021 I've been kinda obsessed with the series and slice of life genre in general, I now tend to prefer them heavily over action shows like demon slayer and mob psycho 100. Don't get me wrong I still like those shows but admittedly a good bit of my enjoyment from mob psycho is the relationships more than the loose story and for demon slayer it's the energetic animation and character designs that makes it fun to watch from time to time. But when I started getting into the slice of life genre I noticed that it also had the great relationships, fun animation and memorable characters that I liked in the action shows, except that in these shows those small aspects were the main focus. The way I saw it, slice of life had no filler scenes, episodes or arcs, it's just fun interactions and dialogue which made me fall in love with the camp and coziness of it all. To be fair there are a lot of story based animes that are considered classics that I still haven't gotten around to that I would probably love, and recently I was thinking about my whole "relationship" with anime in general and looking back I've only watched a handful of shows (or at least "handful" in relation to fans of the genre) I do intend to watch more stuff but for now ima stick with my little slice of life phase.

I also got to thinking about what was the start of my interest in anime, and aside from catching some parts of Dragon Ball Z at my cousin's place, my first "full viewing" of this so-called "anime" was Ouran HighSchool Host Club. The show is about a new female student that breaks an expensive vase on her first day of school and because of that she's forced to pay off her debt by joining the school's "host club" where male students with different archetypes entertain women. I caught a bit of the first episode because my sister was watching it in the living room on my wii excited that we had recently gotten Netflix that week and she was watching everything that caught her eye, I saw the last half of the pilot episode and just stuck around.

Despite watching Ouran Host Club in middle school and Saiki K in high school (which I also highly recommend) I would finally want to delve into the genre fully a few years ago with a friend suggesting I watch Lucky Star and Nichijou

And I guess that's all it took.

I would get around to explaining the plot of Lucky Star but the show doesn't really have one at all, there's no motive behind anyone's interactions other than to just be entertaining. In the animated series I can only think of a few episodes that have an overarching setting or goal in mind (those episodes, and the entire series are completely self contained). Its entertainment value relies completely on the relaxed nature of the dialogue and the relatability of the characters. They introduce new supporting characters throughout the series and they fit in with everyone else so nicely, while also never overshadowing the main cast or overstaying their welcome. It's a perfect show in my eyes in the sense I can go through the entire series without getting tired of it or skipping an episode, it's no wonder this is considered a "classic" online.

By the way the figures and Blu-ray was purchased on my own but the ps2 game and the Japanese ova would be gifted by my best friend Alan) as a Christmas gift this past January (it's not his fault Japanese importing has gotten kinda unpredictable especially when looking for very specific items like this) although I can't read Japanese I'm still very interested in just clicking around for now until a full translation comes out. There is a English translation for this game but the only ways to enjoy it at the moment is a longplay series by guy name on YouTube on youtube or a early build of a translated psp port made by the same person (they actually translated a few other games, one of them being a Nichijou visual novel which is pretty cool, you should check it out if interested). Until that translation is fully finished I'll just keep on my slice of life binge, as of typing this I'm currently starting "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and playing the visual novel for clannad.

This was the original cover Alan had made and put in the lucky star ps2 case when he sent it to me lol

The next step in my fandom is to go to Japan and pray to the Tsukasa statue

Take care everyone