October 14th 2022

Hello everyone!

It's been 3 months since I last updated the site and although this year has been especially rare with updates there are a few reasons for this recent drought.

Recently I finally started college which is a big step in my life but being a full time student on top of working has kinda killed my ability to keep up with this website, hell this update took days because of pure writer's block. I assume it's because of constant homework and studying but I know "excuses excuses excuses".

On the bright side i've been really messing around with a new art styles as of late and it's been real fun doing more difficult and complex pieces, i feel like looking at my art from the past makes it apparent that i will probably never have a concrete art style from how bad i am at being consistent (site updates are a good example of this) but it's feels like a fresh new start for me. It's always great to learn something new especially when it means a lot to me like art and I'm very excited to show you all.

Here's some sketchbook stuff as of this update

I've also been interested in doing more personal stuff on this site, nothing too crazy but I've always loved a large variety of games and I think it'd be fun to document a few things. Maybe I could make a page that just has like fighting game mains, rhythm game scores (directly being stolen from my BFF Alan) or best times in f-zero? Just random small stuff like that could be fun.

You might've noticed a new tab? I've been interested in cameras for a while but never really got into it, there's a few pictures I took when I found a childhood camcorder but there should be more! I hope this new tab is an excuse for me to go out and take more pictures and maybe even add a description for each one detailing the model of camera, location, and stuff of that nature.

Halloween is coming soon and in the Midwest I'm already experiencing my absolute favorite season, so I hope that the weather combined with the holidays coming up will inspire me to add more content to the website. Definitely some holiday related pictures I already have in mind, a little image detailing my very simple but still fun costume, just writing this blog post is giving me ideas that I hope to upload before the month is over (lend me your energy everyone).

All in all i hope that this little written update was nice to read for everyone, and although i tend to lack the determination to make this site worthwhile, I have been enjoying working on creative projects again, and i plan on giving the website more attention because it really does feel great when I update and finish my projects. (Including finishing this damn blog post).

Take care everyone